It’s Time to Build Conscious Organizations

What if an organization was conscious, and structured similar to a living and breathing being? What if organizations existed not just to generate money and profits? What if organizations existed to create and generate love, abundance and happiness? What if an organization didn’t stifle it’s employees’ creativity and freedom by keeping them tied to a desk or computer for 8 hours a day, five days a week in the name of productivity? What if an organization removed all limitations on it’s employees and customers? What if an organization actually truly cared about it’s environment beyond seeing it as just another means to enhance profits?

I think it’s time to start building conscious organizations that challenge the norms and completely shatter our beliefs about what organizations are meant to be. I believe capitalism and the monetary system has created a form of modern day slavery and really stifled freedom and creativity. There was a lot of good that also came out, and these systems were needed for their time. But I think we’ve passed the marker and they’ve now outlived their purpose. My big, giant vision is a society free of monetary control structures, where we are all truly freely and can live in abundance and harmony with our neighbors and our environment. And I believe conscious organizations can be the catalyst that help us fulfill this vision. Am I dreaming?

A balanced, harmonious being breathes and takes in inputs and energy from its external environment, and in return provides outputs and energy back. Does it put conditions on how much to receive in return for its outputs? Does it ration its outputs? Each constitute cell and organ performs its function for the overall well-being of the organism without worrying about what it gets in return. Indeed, in return, each cell is nourished by the being and the outputs of the other cells. All cells operate in harmony and are not managed by a manager. What drives them to do this and organize this way — could it be love encoded in their (our) DNA?

Similarly, a conscious organization doesn’t set conditions on its environment. It has desires, and is driven to create. It thrives. Every action is guided by love, led by the heart. It’s playful. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. And most importantly, it is fluid. It flows without too many rules or processes that can sometimes be “heavy” and dense. This could be a bit chaotic, but all creation is messy. Let me paint my vision for what I see conscious organizations to be with a very broad brush. Of course, everyone is free to create any type of organization they wish — these are just some of my thoughts.

It may sound unimportant, but I’ll also rename some terms and roles as I go along, because some of the existing ones are so overloaded with undertones of money and monetary relationships. This is no longer the point of conscious organizations. They exist to create happiness and abundance for all involved. Abundance can come in many forms, and doesn’t have to be just money.

Leaders. Are there any leaders, and if so, what do they do? Maybe instead of leaders, we need folks that can provide guidance and direction as needed. But they are not here to judge, dictate or enforce. They’re not here to build their personal fiefdoms with an army reporting into them to help inflate their egos. They are here to serve and listen. They help provide the intuitive nudge to keep the team or organization moving in a direction that is for the benefit of the whole. They also create, as I don’t expect there to be too much full-time ‘managing’ in such an organization.

Teams. The organization is arranged into smaller, independent, self-organized teams that may or may not have one or more guides to help steer their direction. Teams can form and disband as needed. The exception to this are teams that are servicing existing clients — in this case team members can change (just like we shed our skin!) but the team continues exist as long as it’s customers need them. Team members create because they want to do so, and work together because they want to do so. Teams can be one or more people. Some teams may choose to provide services to other teams. Some teams may choose to provide services to external customers. Some teams may choose to build products. There may or may not be guides that sit outside the teams, and can help provide direction and guidance to teams as needed to stay aligned with the organization’s purpose.

Employees. They join the organization, or a team, not for a paycheck, but because what this team or organization does strongly resonates with them, and they feel their skills can be of benefit. Or they are looking for a new experience and want to build something new, but regardless, they join to contribute. At that point in time, they want to create and build something. They are free to set their hours, and work this out with their teams. Vacations are generous. “Employee” or “worker” is really overloaded. Maybe they’re just called “teammates”.

Fair Pricing. I believe we have to be the change we want to bring about in the world. Ideally, I want to get to the point where all products and services are offered for free. Other non-profit, or for-profit corporations are welcome to be sponsors. “Conscious” investors who resonate with this type of organization are welcome and may be needed to support this. I’ll be honest, offering products and services for free is a bit of a leap for me too, but I was motivated by what I recently heard on the Matt Belair podcast where he had Mariana Jacobi talk about quantum manifestation and money among many other topics (highly recommended!). But ultimately, as more and more organizations operate this way, it will lead to a world where a piece of paper will no longer determine whether you can live your life abundantly.

Key aspects of a conscious organization:

  • Create products and services born of love that are for the highest good of all people, earth (animals, plants, environment) and the organization and it’s teammates
  • Services and products offered at a fair price, with the goal of offering these at no charge in the long term. Charge customers only until the monetary system exists (I’m serious!).
  • Incoming funds are re-invested into the organization, and a certain percentage is distributed equally among team members
  • Organized into small teams
  • No hierarchy — guides and teammates
  • Very fluid
  • Values: freedom, happiness, playfulness, joy

As I said above, anyone can create any kind of organization they wish. The above are just some of my thoughts on how I’d create one.

If any of this resonates with you, I’d love to hear what you think!

Also hit me up if you’re interested in partnering up on something like this!

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