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Live And Create To Your Highest Potential

2 min readFeb 27, 2022
Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash

When’s the last time you checked in with your Family?

I’m not referring to your Outer Family. Your Family in the 3D world.

I’m referring to your Inner Family. Your Family in the Ethereal/Energetic world.

Each of us has Feminine, Masculine, and Child in us. Man, woman (or whatever you identify as), doesn’t matter.

This is your Inner Family.

Your Energetic Family.

(These are Energies — not to be confused with gender or gender roles).

Your Inner Masculine takes Action. Builds. Plans. Competes. Protects. Strategizes. Is Logical. Ambitious. Driven.

Your Inner Feminine Nurtures. Births. Attracts. Creates. Feels. Emotes. Loves. Is Intuitive. Compassionate.

Your Inner Child Plays. Laughs (or Cries). Has Fun. Dreams. Imagines. Is Carefree. Innocent. Curious. Authentic.

When these Energies are in balance, you live and create to your highest potential.

Heart and Mind.

Logic and Intuition.

Creativity and Action.

Discipline and Play.

Passion and Strategy.

Focus and Freedom.

Balanced. Powerful. Unstoppable.

For many (again, men, women or other), the Inner Feminine and Child are suppressed.

This is because for a very long time, the world overrated the Masculine.

This manifested as a collective obsession with logic, action, aggression, drive, planning, competition, productivity, an insatiable hunger for more.

The Feminine and Child were severely underrated.

Without them, the Masculine becomes imbalanced. Distorted. Toxic. Lacks Direction. Lacks Wisdom. Lacks Empathy. Lacks Warmth. Lacks a healthy outlet for Play.

(We collectively channelled the Masculine to make tremendous progress. But the imbalance also brought with it a lot of unintended (ugly) consequences).

Things are changing.

The Feminine is rising. And She will continue to rise as more tap into their creativity. Their Hearts. Their Intuition. As more realize the limitless power that resides here. Only if they dare look.

The Child is also rising. And will continue to rise as more heal. Face their shadows. Their darkness. Be their authentic selves. This comforts the Child. Lets them know it’s finally safe to come out and Play.

Your Outer Family is important.

Your Inner Family is just as important.

We have all ignored the latter for too long. They’re inviting you to open up to them. To heal the Masculine. Unleash the Feminine. And free the Child.

Here’s to you and your Family.

Originally published at on February 27, 2022.