The Power of Doing Nothing

New Ideas

Everything that has been built or exists today started with a thought or idea. Execution is vital, but at the end of the day a business is only as good as the ideas it executes on. Do new ideas also require a lot of movement? Where do awe-inspiring, brilliant insights come from? How does one go about generating great ideas? Ideas that can drastically affect the destiny of an individual, group or business.

The Power of Doing Nothing

What about breakthrough ideas? Those uniquely, brilliant insights I referred to earlier, that hit like a bolt of lightning, and may even leave one feeling a little awe-struck. Is deep work sufficient to tease these out?

  • Incubation — the problem percolates in your mind. While this happens, you can rest, play and relax
  • Illumination — sudden insight or the eureka moment
  • Verification— verify and manifest your insight into reality

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
— Albert Einstein

So what does this mean for your work and day to day?

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